This article is about the Terrorist bot featured in Tour of Duty. For the map creator who has a similar name, see Weasl.

Primary weapon Scouthud cz
Secondary weapon Glock18hud cz
Skill Bad
Co-op Good
Bravery Bad

Weasel is an easy difficulty sniper Terrorist bot in the Tour of Duty Campaign mode of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.


Weasel appears in all missions of easy difficulty. He is not encountered in other difficulties.


Weasel's skill type is easy. He is 0% accurate when firing, has a reaction time of 0.5 seconds, and cannot detect footsteps. When facing an enemy target, he will hold fire for 1.5 seconds. He uses a Schmidt Scout for medium and long range and uses a Glock for close range combat.

Weapon Management

Weasel buys a Schmidt Scout when his money is greater than $2750. If unaffordable, he will buy a random weapon depending on the amount of money he has. He prefers to use a Glock rather than buying or using other pistols and he does not use grenades. He attaches the silencer if he uses the M4A1 or/and the USP.


Weasel has good teamwork. He frequently stays together with other teammates. In bomb defusal maps, he escorts the Terrorist with the C4 to a bombsite.


Weasel is a very passive bot. In hostage rescue maps, he likes to camp nearby the hostages. When facing more than one Counter-Terrorist, he will switch to the Glock and run away.


Weasel is a member of the Sweden Arctic Avengers.


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