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Wingman is an event game mode added to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Operation Hydra, as a part of the May 23, 2017 update, as one of the three Hydra Events, alongside War Games and Weapons Expert.

After November 13, 2017, the game mode became permanent, along with the new match matching algorithm called "Trust Factor."

Additionally,game mode uses same penalties like competitive game mode.


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Image from CS GO Blog post "Wingman".

The Wingman game mode consists of competitive matches on maps with one bombsite, a best-of-16 game format, and a special Wingman skill group. The rules are similar to competitive, but the game mode takes place in "compact" maps. The round timer is 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Wingman skill groups during Operation Hydra

Unlike competitive, the player can see how many matches they must win to rank up. Players gets one pip per win match and they do not lose pips until they reach rank 5.

If the player is on a 2 or more win streak, the player gets 2 pips as a bonus.[1]

The max rank is 24.[2]

Rank Pips to rank up
1 2
3 3
5  ?
7 4
11 5
15 6
16 7
17 8
18 9
19 10
20 11
21 12
22 13
23 14
24 15

Round end rewards

Round rewards differ from competitive and casual modes.

Objective Wingman
Winning By Team Elimination (Bomb Defusal) $2750
Winning By Time Win (Bomb Defusal, CT)
Winning By Bomb Defusal (CT) $3000
Winning By Bomb Detonation (T)
Losing 1 Round $2000 + $800 if bomb planted as T
Losing 2 Rounds In A Row $2300 + $800 if bomb planted as T
Losing 3 Rounds In A Row $2600 + $800 if bomb planted as T
Losing 4 Rounds In A Row $2900 + $800 if bomb planted as T
Losing 5+ Rounds In A Row $2900 + $800 if bomb planted as T


Supported Maps

Following maps is selectable after November 13, 2017 update:

Maps schedule during Op. Hydra

This schedule is based on the state of the "\csgo\scripts\items\items_game.txt" file.[3]

Behind The Scenes

  • The game mode was first hinted in the January 12, 2017 update, where "protobufs" included a localization token used during map loading (#SFUI_Rules_ScrimComp2v2_Loading).
    • Later, in the April 20, 2017 update, the Lobby UI includes an action script with references to ScrimComp2v2 and ScrimComp5v5.[4]


  • "Wingman" is a term that means "a pilot who supports another in a potentially dangerous flying environment".
  • The game mode is referred to as "Tandem Competitive" on Steam, before the June 6, 2017 update.
  • The game mode is referred to as "ScrimComp2v2" in the game files.
    • The term "Scrim" refers to practice matches for competitive online games.





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