Weapons Depot
Creator(s) Leon Nieuwoudt
Game(s) Beta
Scenario Hostage rescue
First appearance BETA 1.0
Last appearance BETA 1.2

Weapons Depot[1] (cs_wpndepot) was an official hostage rescue map featured in the Counter-Strike beta.


The map takes place in and around huge depot apparently used by the Terrorists to house weapons. There are five hostages inside the depot that must be rescued by the Counter-Terrorists.

This map was probably removed because of the numerous camping spots inside the depot. There was also a problem with the hostages as taking them away from the room through the very thin door will make them easily stuck or they would often be left behind because the door closed quickly. Even though this map was not really popular, its' trademark is the big arch nearby the CT Spawn Zone. Moreover, some parts of Wpndepot were reused for Assault such as the infrastructure serving as the basis for the warehouse.


The map was designed by Leon Nieuwoudt, who at the time was part of the Counter-Strike development team. It was one of the first maps created for the game, being introduced in the very first beta, beta 1.0.

During its short life span it was updated once, for beta 1.1. The outside area in front of the depot, where the CTs spawn, was made considerably bigger. No further updates were made and the map would make its final appearance in beta 1.2.



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