Zeus x27
Alternate name(s) Taser

Stun gun

Price $200
Magazine capacity 1/0
Firing mode(s) Single
Used by Terrorist
Movement speed
(units per second)
Kill Award $0
Damage 500
Hotkey B-5-3
Entity weapon_taser

Perfect for close-range ambushes and enclosed area encounters, the single-shot x27 Zeus is capable of incapacitating an enemy in a single hit.
―Official description

The Zeus x27 is a piece of equipment introduced and featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


The Zeus x27 is an electroshock weapon based on the real-life Taser. It has a short range and can only be shot once before being automatically dropped. This equipment can be bought in Deathmatch, unlike other equipment.

Zeus fires a hitscan projectile with a very limited range, and is affected by moving inaccuracy. At very close ranges below 183 hammer units, it is capable of killing an enemy in one hit, regardless of armour. At between 183 and 230 hammer units, the Zeus deals high damage but will not kill instantly, and depending on the distance hit and the player's health, a player can survive a hit from the Zeus. At above 230 hammer units, the Zeus will do nothing, making its effective range slightly better range than the knife but still very close-range. Kills with the Zeus award no money to the killer.

Zeus is a single-shot weapon, and has no reserve ammo. The Zeus is discarded immediately after using it, and players will automatically switch to their primary weapon. If a primary weapon is not available, then they will switch to their secondary weapon. If both are not available, then they will switch to their knife.

Firing a Zeus makes a loud electric crack and creates a visible flash of electricity. Victims of the Zeus make a distinctive, sharp scream, similar to the hostages' scream if they are harmed.

Bots do not purchase the Zeus x27. However, they may pick it up in some custom maps and they can use it (provided that they are restricted in using other weapons). Interestingly, they will fire the taser at any range, even when its target is several feet away from the bot. Usually they will miss and the opponent will survive.

Stab Stab Zap

In the Stab Stab Zap war game, the Zeus has slightly different properties. Instead of being a single-shot weapon, the weapon recharges after every shot, visually indicated by a recharging bar located at the back of the weapon. After 30 seconds, the player will be able to use it again. It also can be dropped and picked up like a weapon instead of being undroppable normally like an equipment. The player also will not discard it and switch to other weapons after using it.



  • Never rush with this weapon (unless you suspect that there is only one enemy player and/or you have present team members). If there are two or more opponents, they can easily eliminate you before you can fire the Zeus x27 or switch to a more suitable firearm.
    • Instead, this taser mainly serves as a last resort when you are cornered by assailants. If both your primary and secondary weapons have to be reloaded, you can retreat and hide around a corner with the taser.
  • Do not wield this weapon when you are in wide-open areas! Players with sniper rifles may target you first as being armed with the Zeus x27 can make it nearly impossible to fight back against opponents who are far away and/or are close to other allied players.
    • Due to this, use the taser in enclosed areas or nearby entryways, or even airducts. Generally, once after an intended target appears within your sight and is in close proximity, that opponent will normally not have sufficient time to counter your strategy.
  • Sometimes, a smoke grenade or a flashbang can help you to get close to blinded/disoriented enemies.
  • Be sure to practice aiming with this weapon! It is required to be familiar with the limitations of the Zeus x27 as it can only be fired once and has a very limited range.
  • This weapon has a deceivingly short range. Do not treat the Zeus x27 like a firearm, which is a common mistake made by new players which can leave them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Instead, fire it only when you are in a range where pump shotguns can perform a one hit-instant kill, or within 2 knifes-lengths of the enemy player.


  • Avoid close-ranged contact with enemy users at all times!
  • Throw a flashbang at the location of assailants who are armed with the taser. Sometimes, a molotov or Incendiary Grenade can increase your distance from Zeus x27 users.
    • A smoke grenade can hamper users in aiming well, since they have only one shot. This tactic may not work every time, since they may switch to another weapon.
  • Stay away from users and whenever possible, throw an HE Grenade at their location especially when they are suspected to be hiding around a corner or an impenetrable surface.
  • If a lone opponent fires the Zeus x27 and misses you, that enemy player will be very easy to eliminate. Note that it is vital to prevent users from recovering their mistakes. Kill them before they can deploy another weapon.
  • In some instances, players can hide behind a hostage and can make it easier (or harder) for users to fire the Zeus x27! To counter this, force them to switch to a less suitable firearm by moving away from them or assault the enemy with additional team members.
  • Evading users can be challenging, especially if you are wielding a weapon that is heavy, such as the Negev. To avoid this, switch to a pistol and while moving backwards, you can fire back and kill a Zeus x27 user, or at least get out of the range of the Zeus x27 and have a teammate help you.
  • Avoid turning right around corners if possible. Walk out farther and then turn to avoid being shot by somebody camping with the Zeus x27. Alternatively, wallbanging is another method to eliminate users since the taser cannot penetrate through surfaces.


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The Best Defense  (611)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Find and kill the Counter-Terrorist Jackson in Casual: Log matches.

300 XP
Bonus: +300 XP-when with a Zeus x27.

Brief Audio
“Nice to meet you, I’m Chase Turner. I wish I had time to give a fancy speech but we got a problem. Sebastien Hennequet has sent an Operator named Jackson to assassinate Valeria. Nothing is more important than her survival.”
Chase Turner
Csgo-op bloodhound turner intro
Alternate Brief Audio
“Turner is dead. Struck down by a father who couldn’t bear to see his son outshine him. A reckoning will be coming for Mr. Hennequet… but for now I want him to hurt like we do. I’ve located one of his star pupils, an operator named Jackson. Find him. Kill him. And bring justice for The Phoenix.”
Valeria Jenner
Csgo-op bloodhound valeria dead turner

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Shocking Developments  (926)

Mission Unlock(s) Reward
Guardian Co-op Challenge: Play as a Counter-Terrorist with a partner and protect the bombsite from enemies on Train.

Score a win by getting 10 enemy kills with Zeus x27. Heavy Assault Suit is available. Money is reset after mission failure.

Note: Players spawn with the Five-SeveN.

700 XP

Brief Audio
“I'm getting a report that saying your supply drop got delayed. You're going to have to go in with a—you have gotta be kidding me—they're um… they're giving you a taser. At least we have enough money for body armor, so that's something.”
Rona Sabri
Csgo hydra mission intro 926


Weapon Specialist
Zeus x27 Expert csgo Zeus x27 Expert
Kill 10 enemies with the Zeus x27.


  • Firing a weapon then very quickly switching to the Zeus x27 will produce an electric arc instead of the normal bullet arc effect, This is only a visual effect, thus not granting any advantages.


  • 'Zeus' is the god of thunder in Greek mythology.
  • When Party mode is turned on, firing the Zeus causes party sounds to play and confetti to burst into the air.
  • The Zeus x27 is based on the Taser x26. In real life, it is commonly used for law enforcement and civilian self-defense. The x26 is also less-than-lethal.
    • The Zeus x27 has a dark gray finish and green highlights. The Taser x26 (police-issued variant) has a black finish and yellow highlights.
    • The Taser x26 shoots dart-like electrodes capable of traveling up to 35 feet (10.6m) (15 feet (4.5m) for the civilian version), far more than the effective range of the Zeus x27. This may have been implemented for balancing reasons.
  • It is implied to have a strong current because of its one-hit-kill. A real Taser only has adequate strength to stun most targets.
    • Although recorded as a kill and removing the player from the current round or forcing a respawn in Deathmatch, the "dead" player model is known to twitch on the ground sometimes, suggesting the "kill" is actually incapacitation.

Behind the scenes

  • The Zeus's in-game model was referred as x41 during both Global Offensive Alpha and Beta. With the texture change at release it was switched to x27.
  • In the beta, blood could be seen when a target is hit by the Zeus x27. This was removed in the retail version.

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