This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.
Team Neutral
Origin Unknown

The Zombie is cut or unreleased character found in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game files.


Zombies were first referenced in the Counter-Strike Blog post "Braaaiiiins!".

Said post informs that the developers are working with the team to make the fan made "Zombie Mod" more compatible with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as full mod compatibility was seen as an important pillar to the community.

However no additional information was given by the developers and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has yet to see an official zombie-themed game mode.


  • Although not making any official appearances in the series or game, the Zombie model is often used by community custom servers for zombie-themed game modes.
  • The Zombie model shares its animations with all other player models meaning it has no original animation.

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